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Hi, I'm Yuri! I have a passion for creative pursuits and libre works. I mainly write, draw, research and translate. You can find more of my work below. I take commission payments through Ko-fi, but if you're interested in requests for art, writing, translations or anything else, feel free to message me on any platform!On the creative front, I have a passion for creating worlds, stories and OCs. On libre archival projects, I contribute to several free knowledge/media projects like Wikipedia and OpenGameArt. I also started a project called OpenTaxa, aiming to create and distribute free art assets of all kinds for species current and extinct, to aid science communication, game development and all other types of biodiversity representation.


what if there was a website


Below are samples of my art across many different themes and styles.They are somewhat compressed to fit within this website's filesize limits. See my links for the full files. Outlinks are also included under each image.Please note that, while much of my work involves libre media, the samples below include contract work done for clients, and are not necessarily free for reusing or reposting.

Digital Painting / Photobashing

Animated Pixel Art

Pixel Art Assets + Tilesets

Traditional Art - Digital Cleanup + Colouring

Game Menu - 3D + Photobashing


Hello! Thank you for wanting to commission me.

Contact and Payment

For commissions, feel free to contact me on my Ko-fi or by Discord (username croomfolk).All pricings are listed on Ko-fi. If you're coming from there, please read my ToS before ordering anything.If you are interested in purchasing a commission, please do not donate to my Ko-fi without contacting me first, as I consider those donations to be tips for my free art packs if there is no previous communication.After we negotiate your commission, I take all payments through Ko-fi. Payments are upfront and in full for one-offs, but can be incremental if your commission includes several images i.e. large asset packs.I will always send you an invoice for the final price paid, for record keeping.I reserve the right to refuse commissions.


If you need to cancel for any reason, please contact me to let me know as soon as possible!Cancelling before receiving a sketch from me results in a 100% refund. After a sketch has been received and agreed upon, 50% refunds can be given before I have moved on to finish any commission type. If I have reached this point, no refund is available.If I become unable to finish your commission due to issues on my end, I will refund 100% of your purchase.I try to update clients about once a week. I reserve the right to cancel a commission and give a 50% refund due to harassment or poor communication.Make sure you contact me using an account that you check frequently!


I try to always send a mockup or sketch for approval for all commission types. You will have the opportunity to ask for edits each time I send an update. Major edits after the work is finished will incur an additional cost.Please BE SPECIFIC. If you give me free rein or a vague prompt and then you dislike what I come back with and give me a very specific set of instructions afterwards, I will stop work unless it is agreed that you will pay a second fee for the extra time, proportional to how long it takes me.Where applicable, I'll always send you the layered source file for commissions (typically .ase or .kra depending on the work's type).


Most of my generic (non IP-specific) artwork is freely licensed for others to be able to use as well. I provide a significant discount for people who are okay with their commission being subsequently released under a permissive Creative Commons license (typically CC-BY or CC-BY-SA, depending on which is more convenient for your use).To retain exclusive right to your commission, the price is doubled. The fee exists to compensate me for allowing you to make exclusive money off my artwork basically in perpetuity. Keep in mind commercial use of my CC-licensed assets is still possible.This discount is not applicable to work meant for a specific IP, like OC art (be it your own IP or fanart). For those cases, a single price range is listed.Whether the end result is freely licensed or not, you agree that I hold distribution rights for your artwork in order to post it on my social media and/or my portfolio.This includes permission to record or stream the drawing process. I don't do this regularly and cannot guarantee it, though.If you wish for the end result to be private even from my social media, I charge an extra of US$10 or 15% of the total commission cost, whichever is higher.

ToS updated on 16/04/2024. This ToS is heavily modelled off of lavenderarts's one, which is itself based on AspenEyesArt's ToS! Follow the link for credits.